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Rosa Hu,

Palm Springs, CA

"Jeremy infuses not only your face with enhanced beauty but your entire being with a magical light! You awaken from the haze of his soothing touch with the divine feeling of floating on air and an inner glow that he awakens. Consider yourself so fortunate to have a session with Jeremy! Your mind-body-spirit will thank you."

Joy Simmons,

Honolulu, Hawaii

"I found Jeremy while in town for work and was completely blown away by his service and professionalism. I expected the typical massage therapist to show up at my hotel for a 120 min massage, but Jeremy went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. He brought a full body / facial setup with hot towels, aromatherapy, facial steamer, and even crystal bowls for a specialized sound bath, and also gave me a guided meditation! I was blown away. Words really can't describe how wonderful this experience was. *Highly* recommend!!!"

Carrie Concha,

Los Angeles, CA

For an amazing wellness experience Graceology can not be beat!
A facial, reiki, massage and meditative session for 2 hours resets your entire body and mind  making you feel rejuvenated and stress free. Much more than a massage it is truly the best gift you can give yourself or gift to friends.

What clients have to say about Jeremy...

Claudine Covolo,

Long Beach CA

If I could have Jeremy come to my house and give me a treatment every day I would! The experience is out of this world! Jeremy customizes each treatment to your needs and delivers the most relaxing, exhilerating treatment you'll ever experience! He incorporates massage and meditation with amazing skin beautification. Before I met Jeremy I wouldn't leave the house without makeup, now my skin glows naturally without it! Jeremy is a skin life changer!

Steve Clima,

San Francisco, CA

Words can not explain the magic that is Graceology. Every treatment is a unique and amazing adventure. Jeremy is so intuitive he customizes treatments to pinpoint areas that yield unbelievable results. I've been a client of Jeremy's for 15 years and will be for many more.

Derek Basco,

Los Angeles,CA

I used Jeremy for facials in Los Angeles, and I was thrilled to find him out here when we vacationed in Hawaii.
He came to my room in Ki Olina and worked on me and my wife.  It was so relaxing and our skin looks amazing.  
Also, if you are into Reiki, he will give you an amazing session.  Will not disappoint.  I am not into it myself, but my wife loves it.  She always comes out relaxed and enlightened.  Happier.  Happy wife=happy life!
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