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Graceology holistic spa rituals encourage deep relaxation and restore your body's natural vitality. Designed to fortify your mind-body-spirit connection, Jeremy's spa experiences will leave you feeling aligned with your most radiant and authentic self.


Jeremy transforms your home into your own private wellness retreat. He creates a luxurious spa vibe with a deluxe plush massage table, professional steamer, curated music, and aromatherapy. Then you relish in your decadent spa experience and afterwards, bask in post-treatment bliss for hours uninterrupted. 

The elements and pricing for Graceology Spa Rituals are outlined below.  


Experience these powerful modalities in one transformative session...

Holistic Facial

Integrated into your session is a decadent facial with aromatic steam, deep skin cleansing, gua sha facial massage and a customized mask. Your face will be hyper-hydrated, nourished and radiant from within. 

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation


Yoga Nidra is a meditation technique that induces deep relaxation by shifting the nervous system out of action mode and into 'rest and repair' mode. Through breathing and visualization, Nidra helps us restore excess stress and tension so we can move through our lives from a place of peace and authenticity.  

Reiki Energy

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that encourages your body to self-repair. This 'universal life force energy' promotes balance and physical and emotional healing. 


A full body lomilomi massage is included with your session. Head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet are soothed with long, rhythmic and continuous strokes. Lomilomi releases physical and emotional blockages and restores mind-body-spirit balance. 



60 min        $180

120 min       $280

180 min       $380

60 min        $150
120 min       $250

180 min       $350

60 min       $180
90 min       $200
120 min      $220
180 min.     $300

Individual Session 

Radiance Package 
*4 or more sessions booked in advance

*price per person, sessions performed consecutively 

Group Spa Retreats
Jeremy can accommodate up to 8 guests for spa
parties and wellness retreats. Please inquire for 
details and pricing. 


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